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Technical Support from AnexSECURE

Contacting AnexSECURE Support

e-mail: support@anexsecure.com

Phone: +91-80-2561 4773/4774/4775
Hours: 09:30am - 05:30pm ET (GMT -5)

SSSPL has on board a professional installation team with hands-on experience on all its systems and products. Our team of highly trained technical staff offers 24-hours technical support..
For Technical, Training & Sales Support, Contact:
South Division : +91 98459 80581(Sandeep Shetty)
New Delhi : +91 92111 62624(Deepak Kumar Singh)
Mumbai     :+91 9819476437 (Ganesh Kumbhar)
Kolkata     :+91 96746 66033 (Monish)

Quick, Courteous, Knowledgeable

These are the key words we would like to use to describe our Technical Support. Always just a fast phone call or email away, our customers can always count on us to make sure technical issues are resolved quickly and efficiently whenever they arise. From deployment to upgrades, our Technical Support Engineers stay put to help your company's solutions succeed. We ensure that our partners are well equipped to deliver the First level support, on time every time. The support team has deep understanding of technical issues and therefore offers support to OEM customers as well as channel partners. Our team of highly trained technical staff offers 24-hours technical support as well as training support to its partners.

At SSSPL, we are dedicated to making certain that you are able to extract every ounce of value from your products and solutions, and to ensure that all your interactions with us or our partners are as productive as possible. To meet the demands of our Customers' high level of expectations on service, SSSPL takes Support & Service as high priority and executes the pre-sale and after sales support with excellence. SSSPL offers its customers a customized and user friendly Web based RMA (Return Material Authorization) software in coherence with our RMA centers across India. Furthermore SSSPL also has its TRC (Technical Repair Center), which is even capable of chip level repairs. Our Services & Support experts know how to save you money while ensuring that your infrastructure meets and exceeds your requirements for availability, manageability, and performance. From basic product implementations to enterprise-wide solutions, our Services & Support team delivers seamless evaluation, design, and deployment sservices for enhancing existing infrastructures or creating new ones, disaster recovery planning and design, data migration services, and much more.

SSSPL also offers component level repair services to many MNCs in India. We have a state-of-the-art repair centre in Bangalore where we undertake repairs of all kinds of sophisticated products including PDA, notebooks, server and PC motherboards, optical drives, etc. SSSPL undertakes products and solution testing projects from 3rd parties as they find the use of ‘proof-of-concept’ lab very convenient. SSSPL also has ‘Professional Service and Consultancy Services’ in the area of Networking, Network Security, Managed Wireless Networks, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint Secure Connectivity, Storage, Remote Data Replication Projects, Disaster Recovery Projects, Surveillance, Server Configurations, Media Centre PC Designs, etc.

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