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IP Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance has come a long way from analog, Digital CCTV system to DVR and now IP Video Surveillance. IP-Surveillance has emerged as an attractive alternative to the DVR as it provides a bridge to enter the Digital World w ith the ultimate solution of a high performance, low-cost Digital Video Surveillance and monitoring. We offer complete end-to-end video surveillance solution from traditional analog camera based solution to high-end IP camera based solution.

Video Surveillance is the term given to the monitoring of behaviour of any kind via videos.

We have all kind of range for video surveillance starts from low end to high end video wall monitoring solutions.

The greatest impact of video surveillance is the large number of organizations involved in surveillance operations. Video surveillance is changing nowadays. CCTVs, Digital cameras and IP interfaces are being used for longer retention periods at higher resolution.

H.264 compression standards

H.264 (sometimes referred to as MPEG-4 Part 10/AVC) is an open, licensed standard that supports the most efficient video compression techniques available today. Without compromising image quality, an H.264 encoder can reduce the size of a digital video file by more than 80% compared with the Motion JPEG format and as much as 50% more than with the traditional MPEG-4 Part 2 standard. It is the magnitude of these numbers that makes H.264 highly relevant for video surveillance applications. It has already been successfully introduced in electronic gadgets such as mobile phones and digital video players. For the video surveillance industry, H.264 offers new possibilities to reduce storage costs and to increase the overall efficiency.

H.264 presents a huge step forward in video compression technology. With support from many industries and applications for consumer and professional needs – e.g. QuickTime, Flash, YouTube, iPod and Play-Station 3 – H.264 is expected to replace other compression standards and methods in use today. As the format becomes more broadly available in video surveillance equipment, system designers and integrators will need to make sure that the products and vendors they choose support this new open standard.

Reduced storage and bandwidth costs

One immediate benefit of the drastically reduced file sizes is the impact on storage and bandwidth re¬quirements. For the same amount of video data, with the same image quality, a video surveillance system supporting H.264 compression will basically reduce the storage cost and bandwidth occupancy by at least 50% compared to when using conventional compression technologies. As the systems grow larger, and the requirements for high resolution images in combination with high frame rates increase, H.264 will be a key differentiator between various system solutions.

Higher resolution and frame rate

Depending on application needs, there are various ways to benefit from the impressive compression rate of H.264. Today, it is common to choose a limited frame rate or lower resolution in order to stay within the specified storage limitations of an application. This has a negative impact on the video images, which become either blurry or less detailed. Introducing video surveillance equipment that support H.264 com¬pression in such an application will enable several combinations of increased frame rate and image resolution, thus providing higher image quality.

Accelerating use of mega pixel cameras

H.264 is expected to accelerate the adoption of mega pixel cameras within the surveillance industry. One of the current trade-offs of mega pixel cameras is the large size of the recorded video data. As mentioned above, H.264 reduces the large file sizes without compromising image quality. It is likely that the highly efficient compression technology find the quickest traction in applications where there are demands for both high resolution and high frame rates, such as in the surveillance of airports, retail stores, banks and casinos.

Mega pixel resolution AnexSECURE is proud today to introduce its Megapixel IP Cameras Systems which have been specifically designed to effectively monitor large areas such as stadiums, airports, train stations, university campuses and other large public areas. These systems comes with High Definition megapixel IP security cameras featuring the highest quality video resolution in the market.

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